Download and print the hands (or make your own) and post them in your city.

Print the posters


Option 1: We can print them for you and send them to you. (shipping and handling cost would need to be donated)

Option 2: Find a printer that can print the images on large format white paper. (height at 36in)

Mix the paste 

Original JuiceMan recipe:

1 part premixed wallpaper glue, 3 parts carnation sweetened milk. 

Wheatpaste recipe:

Mix 1.5 parts water + 1 part flour in a large pot, bring to boil. Don’t stop stirring.

When the mixture is clear and thick, mix in a pint of glue (elmer’s glue, or other similar type).

Turn to low heat

Keep stirring for 20-30 minutes until it is thin and clearer.

Store Bought:

Find wallpaper glue in concentrate (powder) and mix 2/3 gallon warm water with a full box.


Pick targets wisely: high visibility is good, think about who owns/maintains the space you're pasting.  Asking folks permission gets them involved in the to folks.  Let them know what this is about. 

Roll or brush on thick layer of paste to surfaces.  Apply the poster, smooth out evenly to get rid of bubbles.  Roll on a layer of past on top of the poster.  Smooth out again with a rag (if necessary). 


Buckets (for mix)

Rollers or large brush/soft broom



Get it seen.  Post it on social. Send it to us and we will post it too. Thank you for joining the fight!



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